Thursday, 25 October 2012

Visual Research and embroidery, exploring the baroque and gothic trend.

I'm looking into Catholicism for my embroidery project, the idea sparked from developing the 'family trees' brief title I was given initially. I love the current gothic and baroque trends and have used fashion as inspiration combined with surface pattern/ texture and embroidery samples.

Scarf Layout

I wanted my scarf to be square and have a central motif consisting of various illustrations, textures and pattern. I tested a few layout possibilities on the same scale as what my scarf will be.

And here is the final design: complete with a baroque border that will add another element when the scarf is draped around somebody. The design has no particular orientation and is balanced. I love the contrast between the crowded motif and the space surrounding it between the border. I can't wait to print it onto my fabric- I really hope I manage to achieve a floaty and subtle effect.

Tie dying

I decided to explore some tie dying techniques as I was intrigued by the beautiful effects you can achieve! I used a light weight silk habotai for my samples, I love the transparent and floaty effect. I chose complimentary blues, pinks and purples and also experimented with some dip dye techniques, which I loved!

This isn't really relevant to my current degree work but I was just desperate to try it as i love the 'reworking' trend and definitely want to try this on some oversized white t shirts!