Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Croquis Work

I have done some croquis work to show various potential designs from my print project. I used a selection of pink, khaki and grey pigment dyes onto hand dyed fabrics such as linen and cotton. I loved experimenting with all the possible outcomes, however this process did take a lot of time and a lot of thought.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Visual Research and embroidery, exploring the baroque and gothic trend.

I'm looking into Catholicism for my embroidery project, the idea sparked from developing the 'family trees' brief title I was given initially. I love the current gothic and baroque trends and have used fashion as inspiration combined with surface pattern/ texture and embroidery samples.

Scarf Layout

I wanted my scarf to be square and have a central motif consisting of various illustrations, textures and pattern. I tested a few layout possibilities on the same scale as what my scarf will be.

And here is the final design: complete with a baroque border that will add another element when the scarf is draped around somebody. The design has no particular orientation and is balanced. I love the contrast between the crowded motif and the space surrounding it between the border. I can't wait to print it onto my fabric- I really hope I manage to achieve a floaty and subtle effect.

Tie dying

I decided to explore some tie dying techniques as I was intrigued by the beautiful effects you can achieve! I used a light weight silk habotai for my samples, I love the transparent and floaty effect. I chose complimentary blues, pinks and purples and also experimented with some dip dye techniques, which I loved!

This isn't really relevant to my current degree work but I was just desperate to try it as i love the 'reworking' trend and definitely want to try this on some oversized white t shirts!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Kaleidoscope app!

Today I came across this wonderful kaleidoscope ipad app (made by Binary noise ltd.) the app works through your camera and creates some amazing effects. I thought this was a perfect way to identify colour within my work while creating some amazing visual images that I can take inspiration from.

Mark making with feathers

Today I started using some mark making techniques with feathers and watercolours, I love the delicateness of the pieces, my favourite is probably the bottom left, I think the gradient effect works well. 

And here's the feather I used to create the effect which I think is a beautiful piece in itself.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

More compiling imagery..

Another piece I created using a collection of images I have designed. I love the subtleness and softness of this design, I think it would look great on a scarf, however, I will have to narrow it down to a three colour screen print which I'm worried about! I'm sure I will find a way around it though.. I look forward to experimenting printing my designs onto various fabric weights to test outcomes. 

Cherry Blossom

Watercolour and ink tree, I like how it has an abstract element due to the splattered paint effect.


 Initial drawing of a fawn, (picture taken while still wet though!). I have blended ink and watercolour for the shading.

Developed imagery of the fawn, with added antlers, I think the deer still looks quite young and innocent though. ink added to create more definition and spots. 

Baroque Print..

Seen as though Baroque is on trend this season I have compiled a few simple print designs to use within my work. I think these would make an effective background and work well for layering, I love the fine detail created within the illustrations.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Simple flowers, ink on watercolour. 

Work from my Fibre Arts module in first year..

This is a piece I made for a Fibre Arts module of my course last May, I based several head pieces on Venetian Architecture after an inspiring visit. I knitted thin wire then rolled it into shape, I then weaved handmade lace (which included architectural shapes) into the headpiece. I made the lace by using the free machine function on my sewing machine then ironing away dissolvable fabric, leaving me with the raw shape. 

Developing Imagery..

After further consideration of the poem I am looking at, I went on to create further imagery then compiled them in my sketch book to create an interesting layered design. I like the contrast between the mark making in the back ground and the white space combined with the subtle detail of my illustrations. My final piece for the print project is to create a scarf and I think this design would work well on silk. 

Print Project; using 'Lamia' by John Keats as inspiration

When first starting to focus on 'Lamia' this was my initial drawing before starting any research. I scanned a pencil image of the deer in the printed it out onto a watercolour back ground after digitally manipulating the image. I'm really happy with this piece and my Gran even said he looks cheeky. :)

New Blog

Seen as though today was the first day of my second year at uni I thought I'd create a blog to help me document my work! I'm looking forward to seeing my work in a new light by being presented through a blog, I also think it will give me more structure and clarity and be able to help me identify key elements of my designs.. If you're on here then thank you for looking! :)